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Happy Mother’s Day to iTall Mothers

by Demetris Lawrence on 05/12/12

This warm and heartfelt greeting comes across the miles today to let all of the iTall Mothers know you’re thought of in a very special way.  This comes to wish you all the joy that Motherhood has brought.  And then to let you know again you’re close in thought.  HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!  May your day be as special as you are!

Friendly Reminder – Today is the Last Day for Pre-Registration to the 1st Annual Family Cookout

by Demetris Lawrence on 05/11/12
Hello iTall Family,

This is a friendly reminder that TODAY is the last day to take advantage of the Pre-Registration Discount for the 1st Annual Family Cookout!  If you are mailing your payment, please ensure that your $20 payment is postmarked for today; Saturday; May 12, 2012.  If you would like to pay in person, please contact:

Felicia Williams – (314) 435-8900 – St. Charles, MO
Klaudine Kimble – (618) 531-4768 – Belleville, IL
Michelle Lawrence – (314) 437-0424 – St. Ann, MO

In order to Pre-Register, your $20 payment must be RECEIVED today!

The 1st Annual Family Day Cookout is a chance for families of the St. Louis Metropolitan area to come together and build family spirit and network among families in order to address family issues and develop the community. Family Day promotes healthy family lifestyles by encouraging families to spend quality time to together.

The day will include food, drinks, family activities, family games and prizes. There will be a GRAND PRIZE (Family Six Flags Season Passes) to the family (4 individuals) that obtains the most points in the family games and activities. Families interested in the opportunity to win the GRAND PRIZE must be registered for this event.

Pre-Registration for a Family Ticket (4 individuals) is $20. Pre-Registration ends Saturday, May 12, 2012. Registration after Pre-Registration and/or at the event for a Family Ticket (4 individuals is $30.

We hope to see you at Family Day! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at meneja@throughitall.org or 312-286-9139.

Through It All, Inc.

*Please make Checks or Money Orders payable to Through It All, Inc.
To pay in Cash, please contact Felicia Williams at (314-435-8900).

We hope to see you there!

Monsanto – Grow St. Louis Contest

by Demetris Lawrence on 04/03/12
Hello Through It All Family,

Monsanto – Grow St. Louis is carrying the community participation energy to Round 3.  As before, the three (3) projects receiving the most votes will receive grants of $15,000, $10,000 or $5,000 from Monsanto.

Again Through It All’s submission (Annual Family Day) has been accepted.  Each person may vote 1 time per day, so PLEASE vote daily and spread the word to all your friends.

Voting takes place from April 2 – April 22, 2012.

Remember, your first vote will initiate a confirmation email that will most likely go to your “Junk” box.  You will need to confirm your email from this confirmation email in order for your votes to count.

We hope you commit to becoming one of our daily voters!

Sightings of “Through It All”

by Demetris Lawrence on 03/08/12
A Facebook status post (Tuesday, March 06, 2012) by Tomike Lee Ogugua, who currently lives in New York, New York

“Been reading a lot/got that farmer’s flow – put the seed into crops/til it’s my season to drop/to my folks in Chicago, see I haven’t forgotten you/whether it’s the West Side or Rodgers Park in you/ let me talk to you,  I’ll walk you through my rises the falls I’m a survivor THROUGH IT ALL/the mic is my cause #justmythoughts


Grow St. Louis Contest Status

by Demetris Lawrence on 01/10/12
Hello Through It All Family,

After Day Two of the Monsanto’s Grow St. Louis Contest, we are in 70th Place/Out of 141 organizations!

We want to thank everyone that has committed to becoming a daily voter for our organization.  Your support is GREATLY appreciated!  PLEASE make sure that you validate your email address from the confirmation email that they will send you.  If you don’t validate your email, your vote does not count.

Please be advised that this email may have gone to your “Junk” box.  So PLEASE validate in order for your vote to count!

Right now, things are not looking good; so we are hoping that consistency pays off for us!  PLEASE remember to vote again today!  If you have not voted at all, PLEASE help us!

Thanks, again; until tomorrow…

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