Past Donor Hall of Fame:

B. Jean Stratton*
Campbell Family (Evon)**
Caroline Lavery****
Cathy Mills**
Chevonne Herring**
Claire Astone*
Collette Williams*
Daniel Lawrence***
Denice Doughty-Miguest*
Dennis Family (Toi)****
Doreece Lawrence****
Dorothy Thurman**
Ellen Hartley-Nauls****
Feeding the Homeless**
Gina Gray*
Gloria Bailey*
Lettie Walton-Moore*
Levator Deeton-Sumling*
Malika Nelson-Wicks*
Marvin Young*
Michelle Williams**
Monique Cook-Bey***
Patricia McDonald*
Petals Perfections*
Pratt Family (Frances)**
Regina Doughty*
Regina Hubert-White*
Rodriquez Family*
Rowena Howard*
Sandra Westbrooks, PhD*
Sean Baylis*
Sheryl Davis*
Shirley Moon
Sid Doty
Soul Purpose**
Stanley Franklin*
Starling Medical Mobile Service*
Swim Like Magic*
Virgie Chua*
Yvonne Matthews*

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