Welcome iTall Family,
On behalf of iTall, I would like to welcome your family to our village and invite all of you to actively participate in iTall’s Challenges.
Family life has never been as complex, frightening, risky, hazardous, painful, frustrating, costly and confusing as today. 

There is a critical need to use the collective strengths of individuals, communities, organizations, and governments to respond to the stresses faced by today’s families.  iTall is a support group for the good of the WHOLE family and dedicated towards strengthening family.

iTall will initiate quarterly challenges that will get our family members working together and involved in activities geared towards strengthen families.

All members of iTall will be required to participate in these (individual and family) and complete a “Reflection Form” regarding their experiences. Submissions to iTall are not mandatory, but recognition and/or awards will be given to the submission determined to be the most enlightened.

We hope that parents will be instrumental in encouraging their children to complete and/submit each quarterly activity.
Spread the word about iTall in order to increase our membership!
Recruit new families, encourage them to sign iTall ‘s Declaration in its entirety and become official registered families. 

For each new registered family you recruit, you will receive 10 points toward being the Best Recruiter and becoming a member of the Founding Committee.
 We welcome your family’s active participation and look forward to working with you!  Please look for further communications.
  If your family has any comments, ideas or suggestions on how to make iTall better, please
 For the love of family,
 Demetris D. Lawrence
Founder, Executive Director