iTall will balance among five areas: 

1.  Adult/Social Recreational Activities—help parents to relate with other parents

2.  Community Service Program —include community outreach (speakers for seminars and workshops in the community), fundraising for national or local charities or cooperative exchanges (such as baby-sitting, clothing or toy exchanges). 

3.  Educational Activities group discussions, lectures by psychologists, lawyers and other professionals, study groups, training seminars, leadership and training opportunities.

4.  Family Activities —holiday activities, potluck suppers, fun and educational outings, cookouts, hikes, camping, bowling, etc. for children and families. 

5.  Fundraiser Activity -for iTall
Our Vision
iTall was envisioned by Demetris D. Lawrence, who as a single parent to a son; became devoted to find ways
to end the generational cycle of functioning as
an unhealthy family.  She sees Through It All as
A VILLAGE that aims to be an important leader in
improving family life.   

Our Mission
Our mission is dedicated to empowering families
(or children with absent parents) to move beyond
their current circumstances and break the universal
influence one generation has on another, through
outreach programs and community involved activities. 
We offer a wide range of family oriented
programs, services and support groups tailored to meet the individual family needs.

Our Philosophy
iTall will use the People -to-People (P2P) philosophy, which involves two or more people making their content available to the other.  Sharing experiences is the most valuable contribution you can give to another individual.   
Demetris D. Lawrence
Executive Director
Through it All, Inc. NFP is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) grassroots organization.